About You

You started your own business, because you wanted to have freedom and choice. You hate working to other people’s hours and dictums and you wanted more time for you. You certainly dreamt of a better income and lifestyle, from a business that was profitable and growing steadily.

Only now it’s all long hours and hustle. It’s often late nights at your laptop, pushing yourself to deadlines, and struggling to find more clients. You have clients, but often not enough to give you that life you dreamt of. Sometimes it’s a case of feast and famine and how to get those customers to keep coming back is a puzzle.

You keep getting caught up in the running of the business, when you know you should be able to step back and focus on how to grow your business. You know deep down things could be so much better if you had a strategy and a marketing system that would bring in a constant flow of customers.

Right now that feels a bit like the Holy Grail. Am I right?

Let’s talk. Book a call now to chat about how to crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers, and create that life you want.

“I only spoke with Karen for one brief session but it was clear that she has the skill to allow her clients to allow them to work through their challenge with clarity and support them to do so where necessary. Give it a go and see where it leads you”

Mark Deeks