About Me

I’m passionate about small business growth and love to see a business succeed – whatever that means to the owner! However, success usually means a higher income and with money comes choice! Everyone starts their own company because they want more freedom to do the other things they love.

Even though my first job was with a London PR and Marketing agency, I’ve now been a serial entrepreneur for over 26 years. I’ve set up different businesses in food, fashion and gift retailing. I sold quality food over the internet even before the supermarkets got online! Oh yes, “Passion Food” was mine! I had a very successful domestic cleaning agency, and I’ve been a Financial Advisor with private clients in Shropshire and Cheshire.

Each business I’ve had has taught me something too. The mistakes as well as the wins. I know a LOT about small business growth, marketing especially, and I still say that 80% of ANY business is marketing.

8 years ago I started my journey towards coaching, training first in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and continue to this day adding various skills to my “toolbox” so I can create a bespoke experience for each client.

It’s business that’s always lit me up. As both a life and business coach, I can look at the whole picture and ensure all is working well! I’m a certified Business Coach and I know how to select what’s going to work for your business. I have the knowledge, experience, and always come up with fresh ideas. Now, with the proven system I have for bringing you the clients you need, I know I can help you.

Let’s talk, contact me HERE, or book a call HERE. 

What you may not have guessed about me:

*  I took up Rollerblading just to impress my young grandson

*  I had Malaria in Nigeria and never want to go back

*   I set up a Child Day Care Centre for beggars’ children in Sri Lanka

*   I’ll eat anything and love exotic street food

*   I love dancing to Kaiser Chiefs and I don’t care who’s watching

*   I enjoy a brisk walk in the countryside, but only if it’s fine

*   I’ve dined with the Queen at Buckingham Palace

*   I was a croupier for a year and am really good at shuffling cards

*   I get my red hair from my Great Great Grandmother – apparently