A new path for 2020 (and how to gain more confidence)

Many choose a 'Word of the Year' to guide them to their goals. If 'Confidence' is yours, here are the two elements that you'll need!

There’s a fashion for having a “Word of the Year”. A word that sums up what or how you want to be in the year ahead. It’s supposed to inspire you, encourage and remind you each day of your intentions.

I thought I’d settled on mine. It was to be Implement! Last year I learnt a lot of new things, I bought many courses, I read a great deal. But I don’t think I really achieved very much. I started wondering where I’d be if I’d actually put a lot of my new knowledge into practice. Whoah, that was a thought that brought me up short!

Then I realised that while Implement was a good word, and I’d still use it, it was a word that said what I need to DO, but not what I needed to BE.

I always say it is far more important to think about who you want to BE rather than what you want to DO.

Another word was needed!

I thought about CEO, or Manager, or Leader. This year I feel I’m ready to step up and be like the CEO of my business. There’s much to do, as I know I have a message and I want to help as many women as I can this year, to grow their business and elevate their life.

Last week during a session with a client, we talked about confidence, because she’d come to me wanting to build hers. We thought about those we know who seem to ooze with self-confidence. What was it about them? I suggested that when you’re confident, you’re really certain. You know deep down who you are and who you want to be. You’re absolutely sure of what you want in life, whether it’s your business, or at home. That certainty is the first element of confidence.

The second element is acknowledging your self-worth. Because it’s fine to be really sure about what you want, but you also need to know that you deserve it. The person who has that elusive air of confidence also happens to know that they are worthy of their desires. When you have real self-worth, only then will you step up and claim what you want, confident that anything and everything is possible.

So while I want to Implement this year, I want to be confident. That feels like a great path to sashay down in 2020. What words will guide you in 2020?

Gaining confidence in 2020 - Karen Burge - walking a garden path between hedgerows


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Many choose a 'Word of the Year' to guide them to their goals. If 'Confidence' is yours, here are the two elements that you'll need!

Karen Burge

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